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The Big Kitchen Reveal

I hope you enjoy my kitchen!  Its the first kitchen I've ever made, so I'm still learning and refining, but I think it looks pretty good.

First, I think I deleted the one good overview shot I took.  Deep breath. Pause.  So, you get to see the sectional shots.  Second, one of my canisters is upside down.  Realized that the day after.  I was tempted to set it all up again, but I thought, no, control your OCD and move along.

All in, the kitchen took 1.5 months of evening work, anywhere from 8pm to midnight.  I am pleased with the results.  Did a little happy dance when it was all finished. But, then I took everything removable out, so it is once again a cute but empty shell, ready for toddler hands and pint sized dolls.

I used both my Canon Rebel T4 and my BlackBerry Classic to take the photos.  Cellphones are awesome for getting into tight places.

The accessories and the appliances will be all broken down and explained in subsequent posts.  I didn't want to bore you to death in one shot.  I prefer it slow and painful for you!

The Breakfast Area and Shelf

The Fridge Area

Sink Area

The Stove

Counter Space and Everything Else

And In The End.....

Miss Kitty's everyday view of the kitchen

C'est fini