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Sewing + Miniatures = Ikea

The Ikea "Sy" Sewing Machine

Sometimes you randomly discover something that ROCKS YOUR WORLD.  Now, I've always enjoyed sewing and needle work.  As as kid I would cross stitch little Christmas ornaments When Miss Kitty was born I decided to cross stitch her a stocking, much like my mom had for me.  Word of advice, when you have a newborn, a stocking just might take every evening from September through the end of November to finish.

The point of this post was not to discuss my cross stitch history across the ages.  But, rather touch upon the tedious act of sewing.  It has become quite apparent that I will need to do some sewing as I move further into miniatures.  Beds need linen, curtains need to look nice and pillows are a must.  Stitching by hand is a pain in the butt.  I do enjoy a good fun evening with my iron on hemming, but I have killed an ironing board cover and an iron with it.  Change was in the air.

There it was in Style At Home magazine, a spread on sewing.  I thumbed through and my eye caught the picture of this blue and white machine.  Then I saw "Ikea" and then "$79.99."  My heart rate went up.  My eyes widened.  No, I did not also catch sight of a rum and coke.  I was thinking, I can sew miniature linens!!!!
This beast is rather unattractive with its glaring Ikea blue and yellow.  But it is a pretty sweet machine.  And not heavy to lug around you're house, a definite plus.  I've played around with it and I'm impressed with its abilities for the price.  I read a few reviews and the over all consensus is, its better then most of the brand name beginner machines.  

Now, I am a novice.  The sewing "lessons" my grandmother attempted years ago on her machine went, well, poorly.  But I did retain some knowledge so I wasn't completely lost.  And those sweet people at Ikea have YouTube videos of every step in the manual hosted by the hand model lady and some sweet happy music.  

 Dear "Sy" sewing machine.  You're not pretty, you're not expensive, but you're a keeper!  So it you're looking to take the plunge into doing some of your own mini sewing, this might be a good starting point.