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The Bedroom. Yes, You Will Be Completed.

The Bedroom.  The first large room that I will complete and not walk away from due to boredom like the living room  (I considered the bath and kitchen small rooms in comparison).

The projects are as follows:

  • Dresser and desk combo for the far right wall
  • Wood slat wall something-or-other for the left wall (backs onto bathroom)
  • Close up the staircase hole in the middle (with option to remove)
  • Build an Ikea Malm-like bed with attached side tables
  • Make a bench for the foot of the bed
  • Make a lounge chair and nesting tables(?) 
  • Make a desk chair
(OMG.  That's a lot.  Mini panic attack)
  • Maybe some wall shelf for the space between the window and door
  • Dresser top-to-ceiling shelves x2
  • Make accessories, lighting and art
  • Window coverings

So, a weekends worth of work, right?  Maybe in an alternative universe.  I can do it!  Miss Kitty better keep giving me some quality nap time and my husband better not expect a 30 step meal.

Gardening season is coming.  Gotta get a chunk of this done before the dirt flies!