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Kitchen Accessories

Ok. This is the last post about the kitchen. The bedroom is slowly progressing. More to follow!

And thank you to the 4600+ people that have viewed my blog since January when I started this. I am blown away. Thank you for all the comments.  I'm like a kid on Christmas Day when I see a new comment and I do try to respond in a timely manner. 

I have a lot of stuff in this little kitchen. Not unlike my own.  While the cupboards are empty inside, minus a drawer, every other surface is covered.  I would hate to have to clean those counters everyday.

I thought I would run though what I made and what I purchased as I accessorized the kitchen.  Whether you care or not, here it is!

Catch All Basket

This started as a full size burlap basket with a chalkboard label.  Courtesy of Target Canada liquidating.  I determined how big I wanted it and sliced out the basket template.  Not easy gluing tiny tabs since the inside has a waterproof coating.

The chalkboard label is just a scrap of balsa I cut as thin as possible and then painted black.

Mini Jars

These are beads topped with regular brass stationary brads for lids.  A tiny seed bead was added as the pull.

The larger ribbed jar at the rear is actually a cheap marker.  It was the right size and the ribbed texture was neat.  I sliced the marker, removed the ink strip from inside and started cutting it to the size I wanted.

The beads were painted and then sealed with a satin clear coat.

Assorted Jars

I wanted the kitchen to have a jar collection, but no labels.  I wanted it simple with no added colour or visuals.

I used beads, dowels, some of my marker tube (not the ribbed part), and washers.

Everything was painted and then sealed with a satin clear coat.


I really wanted a modern clock.  On the cheap.

I have a thing for hexagons.  They look really cool.

2 wants equals a clock!  I found laser cut hexagons from Yuhoshop on Ebay.  Great service and arrived really quickly.

I used (1) 1.5cm, (1) 0.6cm, and (1) 0.8cm hexagon.  Glued them together and satin clear coated them.  The arms are simple card stock and held together with a tiny nail.  I pressed the nail through each arm to make a hole before I drove the nail in.

Pull Out Drawers In Fridge

This picture actually shows the other half of the package, the side I used for drawers I forgot to take pictures of.

I used the small rectangles and trimmed the edges really tight.  Then I sliced off the back ends of the rectangles because they were too long.  I then reglued those ends further into the rectangle with Quick Grip to keep the rounded rear, but have a shorter drawer.

Oven Mitts and Potholder 

I saw some templates online, but to resize them....well, I just measured my mitts and drew something that looked like and oven mitt.  Ditto for the potholder.

I cut the oven mitts (4 pieces).  I put a bit of cotton batten between then glued the edges shut with white glue. PS they don't open!

The trim is embroidery floss I rubbed white glue on to make stiff and sticky then glued it to the edges and made a hanging loop.  The trim on the potholder is just fabric  tightly rolled and mega glued.


Newspapers intrigued me.  I didn't think my printer could get the detail.  I was wrong.  

I Google imaged "front page" of the New York Times and The Globe and Mail.  Then I put them in Word.  I also Googled the papers correct dimensions too.  I then played around to get the right size.

I sprayed my newspaper front pages (printed on regular printer paper) with clear satin spray paint.  Then I stuffed it with several blank pages and glued the spines.  A little crumpling for effect!


These canisters started off red and white with cherries.  Bought them from The Little Dollhouse Company.  I repainted them grey and did a little atomic themed motif from Alice Volk's blog.

Silver paint for lids and clear coated in satin.

Paper Towel Holder And Soap Dispenser

The paper towel holder was a exercise in thought.  I was stumped.  So, I thought about the plastic holder I have out in my shed.  A simple L shaped arm.  

I used the scrap plastic bits from the Chrysnbon kits, the plastic bits that hold the pieces you want but then throw out.  I found a section that had an L shape bend.  I then cut it and glued it into a small wood block.

I then wrapped real paper towel around it and glued it tight.  No room on the counter, so I had to mount it to the upper cabinet.

The soap dispenser was 1 bamboo like bead (see my floor lamp post) and a tiny dowel stuck into it (the pump piece).  I used a tiny piece of wire for the "spout" and painted it silver.                                                                                 


I wanted some permanent fixtures in the kitchen, glued in so Miss Kitty couldn't mess with them.  So what better then give a toddler some knives to play with?

I carved the knives out of balsa with my scalpel.  I tried my nice carving tools, but they were too big.  I then used my mini files to get a slant to the blade.  The "magnetic" bar behind them is painted balsa.

Silver and black paint on the knives, and silver and tan on the holder.  Everything was clear coated satin and secured with No More Nails.

Pots and Pans

I wasn't prepared to bust out the cardstock and have a go at making my own.  Chrysnbon it is!

I used 2 types of copper paint.Folk Art "Copper" as the base coat and then dabbed on with a paper towel, Folk Art "Antique Copper" for patina.  Then I dabbed black on the bottoms and wherever it might get exposed to flame.  After I dabbed on the black, I rubbed it off with my finger to give just a hint of colour.   I put wire through all the holes and hung them on a dowel to clear coat them in satin.                                                                       

Baking Pans

Again, I used the same Chrysnbon kit as the pots.  This time, I wanted a used metal look, nothing shiny.  Off to Home Depot!

I spray painted them in Tremclad Rust Paint in "Flat Anodized Bronze."

I shook it like a martini shaker.  However, it spurted out this dry dirt like texture paint half way through my first spray.  I didn't panic.  I actually liked it.  I removed some of the build up with a nail.  As you can see, some items are dull and some are shinier and all have a caked on crud look.  No clear coat as per the Tremclad instructions.

Cutting Board

The cutting board started as a laminate counter top sample chip from Home Depot.

Dear Home Depot, I have taken many chips from your various stores with no intention of buying a counter top.   However, I am using them for a dollhouse.  Love, Kat

It was a butcher block chip, so it has different stripes of wood colour.  I scored it  repeatdily with a knife.  DO NOT try to snap it apart unless you can see your score marks on the other side, as you will likely crack the good side.

I then mounted it on thin cork from the dollar store and sealed with matte Mod Podge.                                                                              

Light Switches

The light switches and the plugs are from Noni's Crafts.  I love them.  They are easy to resize and come in 3 colours to suit your room.

Tea Box Planter

This little planter came from Minidesign's tutorial and wonderful printies.

I printed and sealed the printies with clear satin spray paint before any gluing.

I used a 1/2 inch wood block and painted it silver.  Then I drilled a hole in one end to place a plant.  I then glued and wrapped the label wound the cube.

The "plant" is a few faux silk leaves I cut into mini leaves and filled the rest with Spanish moss.

Utensil Holder and Spoon

I took an approx. 1/2 inch balsa square piece of wood, and cut a 3/4 inch piece off.  Then, I used my scalpel and carved out a square hole and finished it with my files.

The spoon was my first real attempt at carving!  I looks rather nice.  I used my carving tools and only shed minimal blood!!!  I stained it using those wood touch up pens from the dollar store.

Recyling Bin and Dog Items

The recycling bin was a key chain I had for easily 20 years!  Woo hoo for hording! It had a lid that I popped off. 

It was a recycling bin with no recycling logo.  So wouldn't luck have it I found in the dollar stamp bin at Michael's a recycling logo stamp!?!  Crazy, I know.

I used regular stamp ink, but it wouldn't set, so I sealed it with clear satin spray paint and it worked perfectly.

The dog dish and the water dispenser were from the DOLLAR STORE!  Holy crap, I nearly jumped up and down when I saw the dispenser.  I bought another just for the blue bottle.  The dogs, the items, all to scale!  I even bought the bunny set.  Not the cats, though.  Not a cat fan.  Sorry cat lovers.

Ebay Purchases

SFC Direct
  • wine bottles
  • plates
  • cutlery
  • Bread
  • Sushi 
  • Plates
I really enjoy shopping with these 2 stores.  No issues so far.  Both arrived pretty quickly, considering distance and customs.

Amazon Purchases

All Dazzling

  • Stools (I painted them white)
  • Baseboard trim

Another great store I used.  Wonderful prices and free shipping.  Mind you, it took a month to arrive, but there were no issues.

I never imagined I would need so much stuff to fill the kitchen in a way that made me feel it was finished! I would like to say that this is the room with the most "stuff" needed, but I have a feeling the attic will top this one.  Sigh.