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Style Me Artistic

After the dresser and desk combo went in, I was worried (needlessly) that the room might look too traditional. Art, I thought, would breath some modern "umph" into it!

I took to the pages of Style At Home and House and Home.  The one picture is of a poster and the square art is actually a photo of a rug.

I cannot say enough about using magazines when you at a loss for artistic inspiration.  The printing holds up (you can spray them to preserve then further too) and if you horde a few months for of issues before you sit down and chop them up, then you likely have enough content that something will work.

I cut my pictures to the same size.  Then used regular white card stock and made mats for them  the hardest part is cutting out the center rectangle and hoping that everything is straight and square (even when you use a craft knife and t-square).

I then glued the mat to the picture and pressed it between 2 books over night.

The frame is thin matchstick-like wood I got in a craft wood/popsicle stick box from the dollar store.

The "glass" is just a bit of rigid plastic I saved from packing materials.  Just have a look in your recycling bin!

And I took the pictures in my new light box! Much happier with the results and much less swearing occurred.