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The "Umph" In Mini Photography

I apologize for some of my lack luster photos throughout the blog.  Its laziness.  I use my cell phone, which is ok, but not great.  My Canon Rebel is great, but I hate capturing distracting backgrounds with more focused shots.  So, I said "get it together woman" and made a CYCLORAMA aka light box to shoot my minis in.

I didn't go the foam core route that I had seen elsewhere.  I have LOTS of diaper boxes, but any box that could reasonably fit a variety of mini items would work

I cut 3 rectangles out of the box on the tops and sides.  The front is (obviously) open.

I then glued regular white paper to the insides of the box.  

To create a seamless horizon in the box, I used a sheet of legal size paper I taped to the back (top edge) and let it fall to the front.  I taped it in case it gets marked and I can then easily remove it.

I used my desk light (with a CFL soft white bulb) and 2 LED desk lights I bought as Target closed.  They are bright white and I used them on the sides. 

I sprayed the inside and the outside of the box with white spray paint.  I have SO much primer that I was happy to use it.  I didn't want any hint of colour and I didn't want to see Pampers every time I grabbed it for photos!

So there you have it!  I might still take some less then great photos because I'm too lazy to put the items in the light box, or I'm photographing as I go, but this should help!

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