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Mama's Got A Brand New Bed!

I had a bed phobia.  For some reason I had a mental block about being able to conceptualize building a bed and then a fear of where to start.  It hit "do or die" time when I actually needed the bed to fill in the bedroom. Who knew a bedroom would require a bed?

I had a look in mind so I went to a few websites and finally found measurements that seemed appropriate.  Then, I measured it out to make sure the real life proportions were good too.

My old friend Ikea was my go to for the mattress dimensions.  I didn't do anything fancy for this bed, as the linens are stuck in place due to the toddler factor.

I used 2 pieces of foam board, glued together, then wrapped in cotton batten.

This is a platform bed, but I decided since Miss Kitty was playing with it, it needed to withstand dolls "jumping" on the bed and general wear and tear.  So, no slats under the mattress!

I used 2 pieces of 1/8" wood to form the mattress base of the bed.  I made sure to make it large enough to accommodate the detail at the edges I planned and space for the linens to tuck into.

I used a 3/4" square wood trim piece as the base for the platform to sit.  I miter cut the corners.

The base is wider then the platform because the platform will also act as the recessed detail on the bed frame.

I then used another square 1cm wood trim piece to sit on top of the platform.  Take a look at the pictures with the arrows!!!

The platform is sandwiched between the 2 trim pieces.

The top trim piece now act to hid the base of the mattress (and linen edges) and keeps the mattress from shifting.

More views of the 3 piece wood sandwich!

I then glued on a balsa sheet for the headboard and made little end tables attached to the headboard.

The mattress now is snug as a bug between the upper lip of trim.  No worrying if you can see the bottom of the linens or anything else you're trying to hide!

Bed making phobia is GONE!

Next up is the linens......sewing machine time!!!!

As a side note, I am slow with blogging lately!  Miss Kitty isn't even 2 and she's decided to start potty training.  Then, I started a side project (with a mini component) that I will blog about, but its been a bit more consuming then I had intended.  When aren't minis more time consuming then intended, right?  And its GARDENING SEASON!!!!!!  This is very exciting for me.  But it has taken up some of my evenings (post Miss Kitty's bedtime) along with going to the gym more often.  But you need to be healthy and alive to blog, so it all must be done. Therefore, I am blogging at a slower pace because I'm not making things as fast.

This dollhouse was supposed to finished by now.  Oh well!