Saturday, August 31, 2019

The Summer (mini) Round Up - Projects On The Go!

I'm writing this asking myself how summer is almost done.  Good thing I didn't set too many mini making goals for myself!

I have actually finished the room box since I last wrote. But before I could take pictures I began staging it for a scene for Hobby Builders Supply and  Got a little too excited to start the room and I didn't take pictures of the finished product.  But soon, I promise, I will have the room box emptied and I will show it to you.

Summer Travels

We took Miss Kitty to Florida and had a nine day adventure at every theme park imaginable.  As a reward for surviving, I convinced everyone that we should stop at two miniature stores in Florida.  Thankfully, they were both located in the general vicinity of where we stayed or were travelling near.

Our first stop was at Ron's Miniature Shop in Orlando.  The store had an incredible amount of inventory.  My challenge was shopping with a six year old that wanted to explore and have all my attention.  It was a balancing act, but we both came out happy.  If you're in the area, definitely check the store out.  I would have loved it if items were not all behind glass so I could have explored more.  It's challenging to keep asking to open up locked displays as you browse!

Lots of acrylic letters (by Ron), a resin skull and a whip (made of wire)

Non-electrical acrylic chandelier and bench (by Ron)

Fun little bits!

Moroccan inspired table (laser cut cardboard by Ron), two vessels by Alex Meiklejohn and vase trio by Susan Johnson

Film reels!  I've never seen a mini version before so I had to get them

Working table top chest of drawers (by Ron)

Our trip to the Kennedy Space Center also included a stop in Cocoa to visit  The Toy Box.  The little store was packed with fine collectibles and general miniature items.  My best find was a leather and metal sofa and chair set by Warren Richardson (not pictured).  In fact I didn't have a chance to photograph the Toy Box items yet!  I got a clear jug of beer, the sofa/chair, and a vase by Alex Meiklejohn.

Other Bits

The scene I'm staging, of course, does not fully match my style of miniature collectibles.  While I had lots of items for it, there were more then a few things I had to make.  Nothing is worse then not being able to have your vision come together. For the last month I've spent my evenings working on furniture, decor and rugs.

One item was the Bay Tree which I made from a kit from The Miniature Garden on Etsy.  If you're new to florals or like me just want to get to the end product without a whole ton of fuss and cursing, these kits are perfect.  I've never run out of leaves or petals, lots of wire and great instructions.  I got the tree and a weeping willow kit for Christmas.  One of two down, now will I get the other one done before this Christmas?

And you get a peek into the room box and some of the other staging I've completed!  

Don't even ask about that advent calendar I was going to make for myself.  It's still sitting there 99% untouched waiting for me.  Waiting for Christmas 2020....maybe.

I'm looking at the start of school and a lot more free time up head, so I plan to translate that into a lot more miniature making and blogging!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time! I love the little sneak peak we're getting. Looks really interesting.

  2. Hello to you Kat and to the end of summer, which Has Indeed flown by yet how marvellous for you and your family to get away and spend some quality time down in Florida; having FUN together!
    I remember well the thrill of visiting Florida, and kNOW that you must have been pumped full of adrenaline for your particular summer adventure to the various theme parks! They bring out the kid in all of us! :D
    And you came back with some unique treasures which I'm sure will remind you of your time away and add that extra je ne sais quoi to your Original Mini Stage Sets. Looking forward to those photos!