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Bathroom Accessory Fun!

Ah, so busy working on my wee kitchen that I haven't composed a recent post!  Today I made a really cute floor to ceiling blackboard for the kitchen.  I just need to get some matte finish spray paint to seal it.  So excited!

The Printies

The Printies I used, well, I didn't scale them the best I could because I was tired.  Too tired to go upstairs, defeat the baby lock on the cupboard and sneak out a tube of toothpaste in silence to figure out the proper dimensions.  It looked close enough to me!

The medicine printies are from a photobucket site that I had pinned on Pinterest. The soap is from the Chrysnbon bathroom accessories kit.

The tray is a few pieces of scrap balsa with some tinfoil on the bottom for shine.  Here's a tin foil story.  I saw these shiny metal sheets at the dollarstore in the craft aisle.  I thought, cool! shiny sheets!!  Did I notice that it was made by Renolds, the aluminum foil people and put two and two together? No.  So I essentially bought sheets of aluminum foil. Shaking my head.

The Little Bits

The bathroom plunger and trash can are from the Chrysnbon kit too.  I painted both.  To fill the trash can I used scraps of paper and tissue.  But too make my life easier I filled the can half way with wax from a tea candle.  Just tapped it down with the end of my craft knife. Gave it some weight and it required less filling AND provided a surface to glue to.

The towel I stole from Miss Kitty's wash clothes.  I needed white terry cloth.  But I wasn't even thinking about using them until I was putting her laundry away (the same week I was finishing the bathroom) and had a light bulb over the head moment.  She no longer has any white wash cloths.  Sorry kid.

The electrical sockets and light switches are from Small Stuff's Print Mini.  They have 3 colours to choose from.

What I have added is a baseboard along the vanity wall.  It finally arrived in the mail from China.  My Amazon purchase.

The bathroom accessory tray was a 1/16th scrap of balsa that I wrapped in my fancy aluminum foil.  I then used some scrap necklace chain to trim it.  The Chanel No.5 bottle is a bead with findings and a long metal mini nail going through it and into the tray (along with being well glued).  I wrote on it with the little metal pointed poker that came with my craft knife (aka a scalpel).   The black topped bottle is a wood plug or the legs you use on miniature furniture.  Just a bead and nail through it too.

The toothbrushes are from the Chrysnbon kit.  The cup is the eraser cap from a mechanical pencil.  I also packed the cup with wax so the toothbrushes sat higher and could be secured with glue.

The tissue box was a 1/2 inch wood cube from the craft store.  I cut about a quarter off of it.  and I drilled 2 holes into the top and connected them with a little carving.  Then I glued in tissue.  Painted, it looks pretty good.

I am a total sucker for the items in Restoration Hardware.  But I only buy when its on sale, or hunt for knock offs.  So, I made my own knock off of their "Le Bain" line with a Houseworks Finial.  The other jars are just beads.

The Vent

I am a sucker for details.  I stared at my bathroom and realized I needed not only light switches and plugs but I needed a vent too!

This one is made from scraps of balsa that I planed out very thin with my knife.  I glued the thing to my fingers several times.  Swore a lot too.  Then I needed some mesh.  Off to the dollar store the next day!  I found a spatter guard that is intended to put over a round frying pan.  So it was big and had fine mesh, bingo!  And it had a $2 price tag for a lot of mesh....sold!  I glued a piece in place and painted it to match. Word to the wise, paint and mesh looks messy.  It forms a bubble surface on the mesh.  Not the best description, but it leaves paint blobs.  I used a dry brush to tap the bubbles and have a clear mesh.  And being lazy and not wanting to leave my stool to find black paper, I found some grey 600 grit sandpaper to back the vent with.

The pipe is make from a juice box straw.  The toilet paper rolls are toilet paper strips rolled on a dowel.

There you have it! My bathroom accessories.  Nothing fancy but I like it.