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Mid Century Sofa

I find myself smack dab in the middle of cold weather.  The kind where you get a bit grumpy and not particularly inspired.  I've been a bit busy with Miss Kitty's school, so as long as I can make minis parked on the couch at night, its good.  Ask anything more complicated and that's touch and go.

And might I add, taking picture outside in natural light is COLD!! My brick driveway is really cold to lay down on to get a good angle!

There are some projects brewing.  Some stuff to fill my early 2018, but for now, it's mostly finishing the little things in the charity build.  Still no sewing machine.  It will either be Christmas or my birthday at this point....but the desk top computer on which I am typing is facing a slow and (at times) painful death, so I suspect it will be the first item to be purchased. But in a pinch I could hand stitch pillows and a duvet if needed.

Right now I'm pondering a padded headboard.  And I didn't like my attempts at a bathroom sink, so I will buy one next time I'm at The Little Dollhouse Company.  

The Mid Century Sofa

Sooooooooo, the sofa is what happens when you're on Instagram and you follow the feeds of mid century retailers and architectural designers.  I love the sofa and side table combo.  

The sofa is made of 1/8" birch plywood, stained in a dark walnut and sealed with a matte finish.  I styled my room with some new and vintage goodies.  The wallpaper is scrapbook paper that was originally destined for the charity build.  I opted against green for that because people either love or hate green, so I went with blue and white which is more appealing to a greater number of people.  It really is like staging a house to sell.

And then I played around with a few other minis.....

The brie and french bread wrapper are from Paper Minis.  I've been eyeing the french kit for a while and then I saw it all made up on their Facebook page.  Game over.  I caved and ordered it.  The wicker basket was from a kit.  My first attempt at weaving a basket.  No crisp corners, but I'm pretty pleased.  

Today I was at Desseres and they had their DIY Christmas stuff on sale.  Staring at me as I walked in.......another advent calendar.  This one will be for my husband and I to share next year.  This is a totally do-able quick project (or so I tell myself in November 2018 when I haven't finished the mini scene for the middle or done anything else to it).