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A little bit of everything!

Christmas is almost here!  I have been playing around with minis, but I haven't had much inspiration to make Christmas scenes.  Maybe I need more rum and eggnog!  

Well, what have I been up to.....

The charity house now has cushions!  But I have to say, while I love to photograph outside, its been a little cold! More has been completed, and I`m waiting for a nice day to take the house out on the front step and get snapping.  Wait, is it really `snapping`when you take the pictures with your cell phone...

I also made a pegboard for the house.  Dollar store cork and nail art!

And in the land of Tooth Fairies 

Well, for the silent auction, I also came up with the idea of a tooth fairy mailbox.  Gone will be the struggling parent hunting for a tooth under a pillow or jammed in a tiny special tooth fairy pocket (my poor mom!).

The mailbox opens and I put a small piece of wood inside to make a very shallow space for the tooth to sit (easy for a parent to grab a tooth!).

The door opens to reveal a special far off fairy land.  I have some tiny mushrooms to add into the lawn, but they are clearly being shipped on the back of snails all the way from China. 

Miss Kitty has yet to see these and demand one for herself.  I bought another box frame for her version, but I need to get the rest of the items.  Hers will be a little more luxurious over my final clearance fairy garden special items from Michael's.

The wood boxes are from Dollarama.  I added a wood back.  The grass, doors, hardware and mailbox are off of eBay.  Bunting and fairy bits are from Michael's.  The enchanted scene inside the doors are from a Frozen movie poster book. 

And completely unrelated

I purchased this chair in 2016 at the Brampton garage sale mini show.  It was from an older collector that was selling off their collection.  They didn`t have details on this chair, but its was only a few dollars.  I saw the quality in its hard carved seat and turned legs and saw its real value.  

This collector attended may miniature gatherings in Southern Ontario and belonged to mini clubs in that geographical area. So, it may be a Canadian piece, or not!

I would love to know the maker.  It`s marked SHAW `93. 

What I know: It`s not by Jo-Anne Shaw (IGMA).  I emailed her and asked.  Someone suggested Don Shaw, with a makers mark of Hand Carved by Don Shaw The Bear.  I have to look into that one still.  Anyone have any ideas or leads.

My goals are to get my Christmas minis out and have some fun...and show you some bits that I`ve been making.  Fingers crossed that happens before Christmas!