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2018 OMEGA Mini Show

 I attended the Ontario Miniature Enthusiasts of Guelph Area (OMEGA) mini show on May 6th.  I always considered this show to be smaller (no pun intended), but it has grown over the last few years.  And I enjoy the diversity, and most of all, the affordability of the artists at this show.

I've "been around" long enough now that I've developed a good rapport with artists and sellers, so they know what I like and will ensure they have brought with them goodies I can't leave behind.  Is that a new level of weird?

Pacific Wood Imports

This retailer is at all of the mini shows.  Thankfully!  They import direct from Asia.  Over the last year I've noticed an increase in fine and unique minis from Japan, which makes my wallet itch.  The bowls, cloche, wood bridge and the wood root table are from Japan.  A very pushy woman was itching to snatch this table if I put it down, as if! The two baskets were made in Thailand.

 Sweet Somethings Miniatures

Nancy Pequegnat's mini creations always speak to me!  I bought a few food items (since I don't do clay work), but the Tim Horton's coffee croissant stole my heart.  My real and mini life aren't complete with out Timmies.  

The table is from Pacific Wood Imports.

Small Scale Showcase

I didn't end up purchasing anything from Carol this time, but I won the first door prize!  It was this beautiful frosted cranberry glass bowl by Glasscraft.

My husband and I learned our lesson.  At previous shows we could never locate the raffle ticket we were handed at the door.  This time I kept them safe and low and behold I won!

 Merriam's Miniatures

Merriam is fast becoming one of my favourite tables to stop by and shop at.  She's been making minis for the past 10 years, but has been an embroiderer for years. I think I have a connection with her because like me, we dabble in a little bit of everything mini!  Thankfully, she does amazing clay work, so I buy from her rather then try my own hand at it.  I grabbed some all sorts, jelly beans, jujubes, peanuts and salad.  

The two pillows were rejects from the kits she makes.  But they were priced so well that I couldn't leave them behind.  And let's be honest, me stitching a pillow takes forever!

Martha McLean Miniatures

Martha always knows what I want.....which usually means a variety of purses made by a South Korean artist.  But this time...oh this time....she had a stunning selection of TYA Kitchen items she purchased at the Chicago International Bishop Show.  I kid you not, I saw the TYA in the case from 5 meters away and knew exactly what it was before I had to ask.  What stood out was the killer espresso machine that catches the light like a mini beacon....with its $200+ price tag I left it behind.  And though it pained me, I just bought the pot.  Next time I will start the show at Martha's booth!

Out of the Ordinary Miniatures

Out of the Ordinary always has a few surprises.  Lots of general mini items all neatly organized by category.  But this time, their assortment of mini clothes caught my eye.  The shirt and kilt are wearable (if you are a mini)!  The shirt is so neat, all the seams are stitched, not glued.  And the kilt even has a handmade kilt pin!!

Grandpa's Doll House

Liz has to be one of my favourite mini retailers.  Great customer service and amazing items.  She's moving away from mass produced minis and focusing on the finer items and estates.  Which is music to my ears!

Grandpa's Doll House has a yearly Daily Deals sale that starts in January and runs a few weeks.  I always order a lot, especially building supplies, because the prices are great.

I picked up my order at the show.  And then shopped even more!  Mr. Peanut was an estate piece I got at the show.  Words cannot describe how cut he is in real life.  Cheers to the artist that made him, you did great.

And nothing better then to round out the show and my empty pockets then with a table full of free books!!  Including several books I was eyeing on eBay and never got to purchasing.  Straight into my mini achieve for future mini making.