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The Golden Girl

Oh hello again....back once again from the upside down.  Well, in honest, our computer was on its last legs and the process of opening Chrome or a .jpg took 10 minutes so I had to wait until I got a new computer.  And now I'm living in 2018 with a computer that doesn't act like its straight out of 1989.

There have been some set backs in my build.  Mostly busy in the non mini world, but I did have one issue.  More on that soon when I take pictures of the annoyance.  

But in amazing news, the Charity Dollhouse for Miss Kitty's school raised a considerable amount of money!!! The Silent Auction was a huge success, and everyone loved the dollhouse and the tooth fairy houses.

In the mean time....behold my mini tinkering!!

The Golden Girl 

Does anyone else find it terrifying that the 1980's are back in style.  You can call it boho all you want, but its the 1980's (and early 1990's) all over again.  From high waisted mom jeans to rattan everything....look out Goodwill, the hipsters are coming for you!

Joking aside, I have a fondness for 80's era and 80's inspired miniatures. What is one more niche mini market to collect when your collection is ever growing?!?

Could you imagine Blanche, Sophia, Dorothy and Rose sitting around here gossiping?

Where To Buy / Where To Find
  • vintage rattan furniture by Diane Mitchel
  • Table by MiniModels
  • Rug stitched by me (kit by Janet Granger)
  • Wicker woven table (vintage kit) by OmniArts