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Mini bits!

I could tell you how far I've come with my build, but that would be a lie!! Ha.  Actually I was waiting for a 1/2 inch rectangle paper punch to make brick for the interior wall.  In my mind a punch would be faster, but waiting a month for it to arrive seems to have killed that time advantage.


While the project sits waiting for me, I did play around with some minis.  

It turns out that my package to Anna-Maria was on the slowest boat known to man.  Almost 12 weeks after shipping, it arrived.  In her initial package to me, she sent me this beautiful trestle table kit which I finished in American Warm White.  She also made the wire basket (swoon!).  The 1960's vintage metal chair was an eBay find.  The beautiful seascape is by Rebecca Hymes.  She paints gorgeous pictures in 1:12 and sells them on eBay.  I love her work!

I have been burning up the sewing machine lately.  Making table clothes, place mats, and baby cradle bedding for Miss Kitty's school.  The ladies at the fabric store must think I've crazy since all they see me buy is meters and meters of flannelette in random prints. But by the time I'm done a project the thought of making mini bedding is not at the top of my list!