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The 2018 Charity Build

Drum roll.....the Charity Build is done!  I struggled on a cute name for the project, so Charity Build it shall remain.

The Recap

I started this build as a side project last summer for Miss Kitty's nursery school's silent auction in 2018.  Anyone can solicit for donations, but not everyone can make a dollhouse!  While this house is definitely aimed for the well over 3 years of age crowd, our school has lots of older siblings that would LOVE this.

The house hits the auction block in May.  I'm hoping to get a few competitive moms pitted against each other. 

The house is the IKEA Flisat.  One wall was removed from the lower level to make an open concept living space. The kitchen cabinets, TV cabinet, toilet, tub and bed are all glued in, but the rest is free to be played with.

Many items in the house were generously donated by Keli and Jodi.  In addition to what you see in the house pictures, I have a large box filled with a ton of donated accessories and additional furniture so little minds can be creative.

In The Beginning

I painted the structure with kitchen cabinet paint. The floor is the original pine that I stained a medium brown (it hid the grain well!).  The wall paper is scrapbook paper that was glued down with wallpaper paste and sealed with matte Mod Podge.  

All the wall art is from the internet, mostly art that I would love in my own home but lack the wall space for. 

The Kitchen

The kitchen cabinets are an eBay find. I pried off the oven hood and vent, then I applied tiny tile paper as a back splash.  The faucet was donated by Jodi and 3D printed in metal.  You can find it in her Shapeway Store - My Miniature Madness.  I had only read about 3D printing in metal, and I have to say the end product is pretty impressive!

The items you see displayed on the counter also came from Keli and Jodi.  The mixer and the oil are even more adorable in real life. Keli sent the cats and they fit perfectly in the kitchen.

The Living Room

I made the velvet couch extra deep to allow for large dolls to sit comfortably.  I settled on Sylvanian Family/Calico Critters as my family of choice.  They're small and cute!  The dress was crocheted for a 1:6 Kelly doll, but works perfectly in 1:12 (and on a Calico Critter!).  I made the Chanel purse from wood and paper.  Every momma Koala needs Chanel, right?

The Bathroom

The toilet and tub came from a lot at a vintage and antique show 2 years ago.  One of those things that just sit around in the basement until the right project comes a long.  Jodi sent the little scrubbed!  The blue mat was made by the same lady that made the dress.

The Bedroom

The bed is made of palettes which I thought was very of the moment and chic.  Probably not the greatest for the longevity of your mattress or back, but its all in the name of style. I upholstered the headboard in grey cotton.  There was a back and forth about tufting it and thankfully I talked myself out of it!

The bedside lamps took 2 months to arrive from China.  I thought the first order was lost, so I reordered.  And waited.  Then they both arrived on the same day last week!  The lamps were the final piece of the puzzle, so I was happy they showed up.

The storage cabinet came from Keli, but I repainted and stuffed it with decorator books!  The cutest piece in the room (in my opinion) is the peg board.  All those little doo-dads and paper bits!

So there you have it! One more thing off my to do list.  I've never taken pictures as quickly as these ones.  It was a nice sunny day, but so bone chilling cold that I barely had the back drop up and house out before my fingers were frozen!

I made a PVC pipe photo back drop for Miss Kitty's birthday last year.  Nothing cuter then little ones posing with photo props!  But if you reconstruct the back drop frame with the same pieces of pipe but make it shorter, it makes for a great photo back drop for minis.  Just toss a sheet over the frame and use some clamps to keep it from blowing away.  Here's a link to what I had based mine on.  I got the pipe and connectors at the hardware store and cut the pipe at home with my saw.  Quick, easy and cheap! 

I will let you know the final bid.....and see if I do another for next year.  If I do (and yes, I'm sure I will regardless), it will be the Primrose or the Orchid since I have them in a box in my basement (4 years and counting....).