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2018 MET Mini Show

If there ever was a day for mini-ing in Toronto, the MET mini show is it!  The Miniature Enthusiasts of Toronto ( put on a great annual show.  The last two years have had a strong showing, both in numbers and in vendors.  This year was the first time it was a 1 day only show.

I always know who I want to shop from and the order in which I will attack.  This year it was simple 1) Keenderson Miniatures 2) Martha Mclean Miniatures and then 3) Marie-Luce Pelletier.  Because if you go in with a plan, you won't misbehave, right??

Martha Mclean Miniatures

At Martha Mclean Miniatures, I indulged in a set of stainless steel mixing bowls from TYA Kitchen.  The cow hide purse was made by Queenie Wu.

Marie-Luce Pelletier Miniature Pottery

Marie-Luce announced that after 36 years of mini pottery making she is retiring, and this would be her last show.  Thankfully I had brought extra cash with me because I stocked up!  3 trips back to her table!! After Janice Crawley stopped exhibiting, I vowed never to leave pottery I love behind because you never know if they'll be back to the MET show.

Keenderson Miniatures

Glen Anderson of Keenderson Miniatures makes gorgeous minis.  His website photos don't do his minis justice.  I visited that table 3 times because I just kept thinking about his gorgeous little tables, and kept coming back.

Grandpa's Doll House

Liz never disappoints.  My favourite part of her set-up is the board with all the little baggies of minis pinned to it.  This year I snagged the pottery and the yellow dress.  The dress seemed very Betty Draper (Mad Men) and I couldn't leave it  behind.

The Little Dollhouse Company

I preferred the Little Dollhouse Company's display this year over last.  Much more curated and it made it easier to shop.  I forgot to ask the artist's name, but I purchased this lovely coat draped over a hook.

MiniLise Knits

Lise Ashby and the ladies from Imagine, Etc. traveled all the way from Quebec for the MET show.  Lise makes some beautiful, and extremely delicate, knits.  Imagine, Etc. has gorgeous porcelain dolls for you to dress and make as you please (including styled wigs and hair), along with knitting kits for clothing.  I'm not a doll person, but I was very impressed with the quality and the faces on these dolls.

Friends of MET

The MET club has a table of mini items their members make.  I always zero in on a few artists, such as Alberto Gozzi and Waren Richardson.  Waren's offerings this year ran a bit too traditional for me, but Alberto made an adorable table and bench set that I fell in love with.  And I can't leave behind an embroidered pillow (artist unknown).

The wallet was emptied, and I left pleased.  Some items will become Christmas gifts to me, so at least I know Santa is sending what I want!

I'm still chugging along with my mid-century build...on occasion...when the mood strikes.  I will post another mini charity build I started.  That one is almost done, I just have to make furniture.