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Look! I'm In A Book Of Miniatures

Hello everyone!  I've been more active on my Instagram page of recent months, my apologies.  If only Blogger was easier to use, I'd be updating more often!

Last year I was approach by The Daily Mini about contributing a few photos of my mini collection to a book.  I couldn't say no!  The Book of Mini by Kate Esme Unver!  I started following The Daily Mini right from the beginning on Instagram.  Her following has exploded and its a great way to see tons of amazing miniaturists.

It's tough to pick and choose your favourites, but after submitting a handful of pictures, the publisher did the work for me.  I had 3 featured photos!  My minis and my fingers are now printed in a book.  

The hardest part of the entire project was holding the mini in one hand and trying to take the picture with the other hand.  Yes, I could have asked my husband for help but then I would have just been yelling at him about angles and lighting, so I suffered for my art.

The purses were shot beside my dining room window on a roll of white paper from Miss Kitty's art supplies.  Same spot for the pottery, but this time I used 40 year old water colour paper from my mom.  The hunter boots (life size) are mine and I shot that on my front step because it was raining and I was trying to avoid getting wet!

I've been mini making quite a bit recently!  And this coming Sunday is the Ontario Miniature Enthusiats of Guelph Area's Miniature Show.  10am-4pm.  I will be attending!  One particular vendor will have just shopped at the Tom Bishop show, so I can get some goodies without having to have traveled to Chicago.