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Snug As A Bug

Oh to sleep in a nice comfy bed. I'm totally avoiding making a bed for the dollhouse. I haven't found a tutorial that makes me happy. Somehow I have developed a psychological block on this bed thing. Gotta do it.

1inch Minis has a beautiful bed that I have been thinking about. And I have been sifting through Pintrest.

I did a big shop at Michaels this week. Lots of wood, spindles, etc. were purchased with the intent of making a double or single bed. Ummmmmm.  But, somehow the complex double bunk and desk combo I dreamed up on the slanted attic wall doesn't scare me.

And on a totally unrelated note I am devastated Target is closing in Canada. It is my favourite place to shop. I did a dance of joy when they opened here. Kitty learned "Targeeee" very early and recognizes the bullseye. Where will I get dollhouse inspired?  Sigh.