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Blinded By The Light

Finally!  I get the computer to myself.  I've been busy the last little bit working away on living room furniture and now the bathroom.  I also finally shamed myself into getting out the big girl camera, my Canon Rebel and taking real pictures, rather then the iPad.  

But I have a plethora of items that I have finished and taken pictures of, so back to writing!

And soon I will post pictures of the house as its taking shape.  I think its time to remove the farm animals Kitty has living there. I think the pig is using the bedroom as a toilet.

The Inspiration

  • Getting bored building furniture
  • The need to accessorize


  • Sale beads (97 cents!!) from DeSerres
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Seed beads
  • 0.5 inch mirrors
  • Mini dowels
  • Quick Grip glue and Aleene's Tacky Glue
  • Craft paint
  •  Hammered metal finish spray paint
  • 1.5 inch wood circle
  • Craft foam sheets
  • Mod Podge Matte finish

The haul was a random assortment of sale items from DeSerres (art supply store) and craft items from Walmart.  The scrapbook papers was from the mini paper decks which I bought clearance at HomeSense.

I decided to make all the lamps at once. I fed the glued beads down the dowel, using 2 for the floor lamp.  The floor lamp was 3 inches of beads and the table lamps were 1 inch of beads.

The craft foam came in handy! I poked little holes in it and fed the dowel through.  I could then spray paint and let them dry at my work bench. 

I was VERY disappointed a second time with the Krylon paint plus primer spray.  There was no priming effect as it took 4 coats!!!  I thought my first issue with it before was a one off but I was wrong.  Rustoleum brand is so much better.

I painted the inside of the paper I used for the shade Martha Stewart 'Gray Wolf'for the floor lamp and metallic silver for the table lamps.  

The shade was a wee bit longer then 1 inch.  

To support and mount the shade to the "harp" aka the dowel, I then cut 4 foam circles, 2 were 1 inch (floor lamp) and 2 were  just under 1 inch (table lamps).  I glued the matching circles together and painted them the same as the inner shade.  

Poke a hole in the middle of the circle sandwich and feed them down the dowel. 

Apply glue to the edge of the circles, then wrap the paper around circles and voila! You have your shade secured!

I then glue the lamps to the tiny mirrors.  The table lamps have the mirrored surface while the floor lamp I sprayed the mirror to match the lamp.

I also added seed beads to the base of the floor lamp for embellishment.  Each lamp was topped with a small bead for a finial (with the bead hole filled with glue).

And The Mirror

The mirror used a 1.5 inch wood circle and a 1 inch mirror.

I used regular Tacky Glue to adhere 2 rows of seed beads around the mirror.  Use tweezers and turn the beads so you cannot see the holes

I painted over the entire mirror with a Plaid 'Medium Gray'.  2 coats were needed.

Then I used Mod Podge in matte finish to seal it.