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And in the beginning.....

Sooooooo.  Here I am ready to write about my adventures in 1:12 minature scale. It began with a childhood dream. I was the child that got everything, except a dollhouse. My parents couldn't explain why they never got me a dollhouse. The closest I came was a small log cabin house from Poland or my Fisher Price Precious Places village.

Then, January 2013 rolls around and me and little 6 month old Kitty (assumed name) were strolling around HomseSense in a bid to keep me sane. Final clearance time is my favourite time. Sitting on the floor in a battered but sealed box was the very large Melissa and Doug dollhouse. I dragged it along as I pushed the stroller to the front of the store. My dollhouse dream for only $60!!

As soon as it was assembled I knew that I needed to improve on it. Sure, it's solid, but it was raw plywood and pink and purple paint. Not happening in my design world. I started painting the walls out in left over paint colours and stained the floors dark. Then I started painting out the pink to a nice grey. Still haven't finished the exterior. Gotta get back to it.

I have for you the original out of box and my work in progress. Some parts are hidden to prevent destruction. And the farm animals add to the atmosphere.

The out of box look
(too girly for me)

Balcony and steps removed for little hands

Complete with Melissa and Doug furniture, the Hape families and wild animals

I'm blogging because I'm now at home with Kitty and need a long term project to keep me sane.  I love working with wood, paint and tinkering in the big world, so why not frustrate and challenge myself in miniature!

What I want to do:

  • Try the amazing tutorials people have kindly posted, share my progress, modifications and the end result (good or bad)
  • Try my hand at my own designs (mini Sarah Richardson)
  • Share my inspirations, rants and raves