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The Master Bedroom Reveal!

The master bedroom had many mini firsts for me.  I made a bed and linens with a sewing machine (having never sewed with a sewing machine before).  I made 2 dressers with pull out drawers along with 2 chairs and a bench from scratch.  And those damn grommet drapes too.  Don't even remind me about closing the hole in the floor!

The Beginning

The hole in the floor was a challenge.  My 2 posts on it here and here were enough said.  But its rock solid.  Kat 1, Floor 0.

Behold The Drapery

Having neglected to include the final shot of the drapes hanging in my grommet drape post, I ensured I had an unobstructed view for you.

The Reading Nook (aka Where I Would Drink My Wine)

You can finally see the asymmetrical leg I added to the former floating shelf.  It reminded me of something I had seen at Crate and Barrel.  The small box is wood wrapped in birch bark from my neighbours tree.  I found lots of bark in the spring.  The flowers are painted baby's breath and a bead for vase.

The wood log side table is a look that I have seen everywhere in stores.....high and low end.  I decided to recreate it by peeling the bark off some dried branch, then sealing it in a gloss urethane.  

The Desk (aka Where The Husband Would Be Glued To Work)

I'm really pleased with my dresser and desk combo.  I would definitely do this in my house!  The tea set was a gift from my grandmother.  It is from the 1940's, unmarked, but matches my decor.

The Bed (aka Where I Go To Ignore The World)

The bedside lights are something I will post about later.  But they're made of thin aluminum and covered with a vine pattern cupcake wrapper then sealed.  

The wall behind the bed is covered in a gold metallic embossed paper I purchased at Michael's.  I first used a semi gloss clear spray paint to seal both the front and back (the front side took 2 coats).  I then glued it on with Mod Podge.  My original paint didn't have enough umph, so I went bold with the accent wall.

The Accessories

I had to restrain myself with the accessories, Miss Kitty is very, very interested in them and will try to pick them off if I'm not watching.  She's not being destructive, she just wants to see them and make her dolls play with the bits.  They are now WELL glued in place.  

The Eiffel Tower is a standard jewelry charm from Ebay, I just snipped the loop off and spray painted it.  The elephant is a *cough* vintage *cough* piece from my childhood.

The statue circle art thingy is a bead that I drilled into and stuck some wire in.  I blew one bead apart using my power drill.  Hand drill it is!

The 2 paintings are by Picasso....aka me.  I grabbed some canvasses from the dollar store and re worked them.

Me And The Husband

The husband would not be allowed shoes in the bed.  I can't tell if I've finished my glass of wine or haven't started the bottle yet.  It's all so fuzzy when you don't share your wine......

And I hope I wasn't blogging at the iMac while intoxicated! My potty mouth is bad enough sober!

Voila!  The master bedroom is done.  I have the attic space to tackle next.  It's all planned out and ready to execute.  However, Miss Kitty has her 2nd birthday shortly, so the Pinterest mom I am, I've been Elmo and Sesame Street crazy.  The basement is a sea of crepe paper characters and assorted craziness.  That said, things will have to slow down until I get through the birthday. 

 Oh, and I have another smaller dollhouse started as a Christmas gift for another little girl in my life.  Still haven't started the Orchid kit in the basement.  6 months and counting......