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Granny Chic Scene

Motivation for Miss Kitty's dollhouse attic has stirred.  I bought some wood for the bunk beds.  It's about time I start.

This past weekend I went to The Little Dollhouse Company store.  Things got a little crazy....spent a bit and got lots.  Thankfully I took a small shopping basket to keep me in check or things would have gotten out of control.  And I bought a side-by-side room box. Yes, I have an Orchid waiting to be started, but I wanted something to make pretty rooms with and have fun with on the way.

But, I made another little scene, this one I call "Granny Chic" because the wallpaper is both retro and on trend.  The runner is made from fabric samples from Bouclair's upholstery swatches.  I had to wait for the clerk to wander away so I could fill my pockets (yes, they were free).  Almost all the furniture is from various trips to The Little Dollhouse Company.  The blue prints I had kicking around from PrintMini finally found a home!  The basket is actually resin, but feels like wicker.

The mirror was an amazing find on Etsy from Melissa's Miniwereld in the Netherlands.  She makes lasercut 1:12, 1:24, and 1:48 kits and furniture from thick cardboard.  It's half the price of wood but paints and looks the same when finished.  Check her store out!  I painted the frame with Testors 'aluminum' and burnished it with a black paint pen.