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Lisa of Denmark meet Kat of Canada

When I bought the Lisa of Denmark set at the antique sale I got it as part of a group of mini items.  It looked retro and interesting, so I thought, why not?  Lisa of Denmark was bought out by Lundby, so I assume  its 1:18 scale.  Read more about Lisa of Denmark on Dollhouses Past and Present.

It was sitting in its boxes begging to come out and be styled.

I was a little stuck for scaled items for the scene, but I dug out a few. My retro starburst mirror worked!  How much more retro does a beige and brown corduroy sofa and chairs get?  I even found some "vintage" inspired paper. The scene left me with an urge to scout out my local GoodWill store for its real life sized clone. I plunked a pagoda and the coffee set on the table. The carpet is a 1:12 runner.

Sadly, my grey wood staging wood floor will be glued on to the 1:24 house I've been tinkering with in the background.   More on that soon. My room box is slowly progressing so I will have to wait on that floor to be finished. On Canada Day I plan to bust out the table saw to give it a base.

Ordered cabinets from Ikea for Miss Kitty`s play room.  `Besta`cabinets everywhere.  Door fronts in a separate order that hopefully arrives this week.  It`s an Ikea typhoon in my basement.  I like assembling it, one of those weird people that enjoy Ikea assembly.  What I hate is attaching them to the wall with their anti-tip hardware.  I would rather assemble a 1:144 Victorian dollhouse with a blindfold on.  Rum and coke time.