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Antique Market....The Sequel

Since when is the sequel better then the original? THIS TIME IT IS!!!  It would seem that when you don't have an upset and bored toddler under foot you can take the time and hunt for mini treats!

Back to the Aberfoyle Antique Market we went on Sunday.  Coffee, sun and warmth......and minis!  I went back to the dealer I found my furniture at the previous week.  We chatted about the dollhouse market (market collapsed) and the doll market (market collapsed). He doesn't feel its picking up any time soon and was really surprised that a "young" person like myself was interested in dollhouses.  But, since he likely had been sitting on many of these items for a looooooooong time he was very generous and gave me a $30 deal for everything I put in front of him.  Of course, I knew I had a few gems in the lot, so I was happy to pay.

Some of the items were in old dirty plastic pastry containers (pastry goo intact), but I put on a brave face and hunted anyway.

He was really, really, really happy I wanted the Lisa of Denmark living room set.  I was really, really, really happy to take it off his hands.  Here is a bit on Lisa of Denmark from Dollhouses Past and Present.  After looking at that page I saw I left behind the dining room set.....%#*@!!!!!!  I didn't know it was anything special and it wasn't in a box.  Deep breath.

I picture the kitchen cupboard in a modern kitchen with a nostalgic throwback vibe.  This item is from the 1930's (? - so says the dealer).  It's tin, painted beige and highlighted in blue and also stamped with an angel/Victorian motif.  It is missing a shelf in the upper portion.  It was just so pretty and worn I had to take it.  It was filthy, just nasty.  I carefully attacked it with a damp Q-tip, trying to remove grim and not the constantly flaking beige paint.  Lead paint anyone?

I found the love seat to match my chair from last week!!!!  No cushion, but that's ok.

Solid wood table

Painted plastic set
Planter, basket and plate (decoupaged button)

Jug, jars and urn (with removable lid)

Kitchen wares

As if I didn't find the white plastic dog to match the black dog I bought from a different dealer the previous week.  Doggie needs an Oxyclean bath with a toothbrush.

Super tiny carousel, likely a Christmas ornament

3cm plush giraffe.  Too cute

The Special Items

So, I'm hunting through this box of mini bits (most of which I bought) and I see this crock.  I got very excited.  I knew this was a special piece.  The dealer, he showed no interest in it.

The piece is by Carolyn Nygren Curran.  Here's a little more about her from Carolina Creations.  She's an IGMA fellow and her mark is "CNC."  I'm not sure what the "BMR" is, but she is sold at The Bennington Musem in Vermont, so maybe that is the "BM" in "BMR"?

"ML" made this very pretty deep bowl with gold accents

And "MH" made this stoneware jug.  A beautiful piece.

I would like to point out that nothing this good ever happens to me, let alone twice.  Since I cleaned out this dealer, I need to find a new supplier!