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iMac-ing You Crazy?

I thought, why not a computer on the desk? You need to do work in you home office sometimes, or even watch Netflix in bed.  Who doesn't want to watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt?  And if you haven't, and liked 30 Rock, then you need to watch this.

I google imaged iMac and found the screen shot and the keyboard shot.  I also googled the correct dimensions just to be as accurate as possible.

The screen has comes to a raised point at the center.  So, I marked it out and used my chisel to try to recreate the point and the curve.

It was a very "interpretive" interpretation by the end.  Fortunately it was facing away and would never be seen.

The iMac has a metal stand with a gentle curve to it.

Ummmmmm, what to use for this metal stand?  Tea light metal is too thin.  So, I went through all my neatly labeled bins of home repair stuff and found these wall patch kits.  I was repairing the drywall behind my workbench (because even in your furnace room things have to look goo) and purchased a few extra of these kits.  They have an aluminum sheet in them that is thin but strong. 

A good alternative is the aluminum used for dryer vents.

A small strip was cut using my metal snips and I bent it by hand.

I cut a small slit for the metal stand to slid into on the back of the screen.  I suggest gluing your screen picture and painting it before you insert the metal.  No sense making it awkward to work with.

I also cut a small wedge of wood for the keyboard image to mount to (also painted silver).

Slide the metal into the slot at the back

Lots of Quick Grip makes it stick!  The slots edges appear a little rough.  Since its balsa wood and very soft, I used my finger nail to push the rough edge flat and straight.

And there you have it!  A simple iMac.