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Stalking Some Prey......At The Antique Market

We made a family trip to the Aberfoyle Antique Market today.  Miss Kitty was good for the first 30 minutes.  Once she learned that she could not play with the "toys" there or follow mama into the stalls, she was not pleased.  Daddy went to play with her on the playground and sand pit and I went off to look around not intending to find dollhouse bits, BUT I DID!!!  I spotted a dirty box on the ground under a table with some dollhouse bits, and there I dug away.  But this was before Miss Kitty found the playground, so I was distracted by a screaming toddler.  I grabbed what I could!  The dealer gave me 2 chairs, 2 tables, 2 porcelain pieces and 1 glass jug for $15.  


While my taste in furnishings is not faux wicker, I fell in love with the white chair.  It is handmade by "DN" in 1979.  Even the cushion is hand stitched with stitched on piping. Wonderful work and detail by "DN," so whoever you are, thank you!

The faux rattan Asian inspired metal chair was also adorable.  It is signed "CYR."  However, the painting is meh and the colours are equally meh, so unless someone says the "CYR" signature equals a priceless piece, it will one day be painted.

The 2 tables are rather cute.  The formal brown table is plastic (but well painted to look like wood).  It has a butterfly trademark that I was unable to Google.  Anyone know who manufactured the table?  Best part, the drawer actually pulls out!  

The cream table is burnished in gold and is solid wood.  It also might meet with a paint job in the future.


The little rose container and the pink jar rather cute.  No markings.  I really like the blue glass jug.  And I was surprised it wasn't damaged having been in the nasty box on the ground.

While searching alone sans husband and child, I found this tiny turned wood box with lid.  I was immediately drawn to the ombre paint and the soft grey/green/blue colour.  Inside are what I think are dry corn that have been whittled.  Only $5 and I couldn't leave it behind.

The same ombre box dealer had this tiny plastic Scotty dog mounted on a piece of stone.  At first I thought the dog was metal, but its plastic.  Also, $5 and it was love at first sight!

If anyone knows anything about any of the artisans that made the pieces or the manufacturer of the table, please leave me a note in the comments.  I'd love to learn more.

And on another note........I have soooooo many pictures to edit.  I've been sitting on posts forever.  The bedroom is done along with my side project.  I finally edited down the photos I want and just need to fix them up and get to writing.  Sorry!  Gardening and my husbands travels had put a full stop to much of my free time.  But the garden looks good.