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The Half Scale Saga Pt. 7 - The Living Room

This is it! The last post of The Half Scale Saga! Let me tell you its nice to not only be physically done with a project but also done writing about it....and trying to keep track of what part of the saga I am writing about.

I had a lot of fun decorating this room.  Filling in a room is always more fun then building the component pieces.

The Bookcases

I took pictures of them before I glued them inside.  Once and a while I exhibit signs of brain activity.  A few mini books (made of wood) and some plants did most of the work.  And some original art by me too!

Park Your Butt Here

The couch and chair are a simple wood frame wrapped in linen.  No batting or filler was used because these will be used with small dolls.  Given the small scale, if you pad the seats it makes it difficult for dolls to sit correctly. And if the doll doesn't sit correctly or falls off all you will hear is, "momma fix the doll puh-leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze."

The coffee table (better pictured later) is a wood block stained grey with gold feet.

The Accents

The mirror is from MiniEtchers and painted a robin's egg blue.  The table with "hobnail" detail was inspired by a table I saw at HomeSense.  The white table with cube drawers is my take on the Ikea Hemnes sofa table that I have, in white, in my basement.  The drawers are merely just fronts made out of thin cork sheets backed on wood.

A Different View

Here are a few other views of the room.  The fireplace was a 1:24 resin fireplace I picked up from Grandpa's Dollhouse.

I packed this gift up using 4 very large Pampers diaper boxes, 1.5 rolls of packing tape, some fleece blankets and tissue paper.  Not to mention an envelope containing instructions on how to cut open the box without damaging what was inside.  I also purchased a medium sized wood box (think jewllery box size) at the dollar store.  I stained it grey and lined it with a thin grey felt.  It houses all the loose furniture and the dolls.  The organization freak inside me couldn't help it!

This weekend also marks when I can finally get my post about the other secret project I have been working on.  The gift gets delivered and opened Sunday.  Hopefully its size will not horrify the parents!