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Welcome...Come In....Maybe

There isn't snow I write this.  In fact, its like a sad grey fall day on continuous loop.  Very blah and uninspiring.  So, I made some "snow" and can enjoy it this way instead of having to shovel it!

My room box was about 80% finished when I took these pictures.  It's now complete!!! I finished before Christmas.  I will post on that later though.

I cut a hole under the cardboard and put a tealight under the snowman to look like it was a spotlight in the snow!

The wreath was just a strand of that faux pine garland from the miniature scene section at Michaels. I wound it into a wreath and decorated it.  I made a little over-the-door hanger from scrap metal

And In The Daytime....

And The Room Inside....Just Beyond The Door....

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