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Wrap It Up People!

Sure the tree ain't decorated. Sure not much else is done. But this family doesn't care. It's gift wrapping time!

Wrapping up presents. Shipping some abroad with FedEx. Apparently they will be paying expedited shipping since they are cutting it close.

Making Wrapping Paper Rolls (And Other Bits)

I had seen some in stores and online. But, I thought it looked simple enough that I'd give it a try!

You need:

  • Paper straws
  • Christmas napkins
  • A sharp craft knife
  • White glue

I measured a few of my Christmas paper rolls and decided that my mini rolls would be about 3 inches in length. 

The gold and white "roll" is actually just the paper straw, no additional paper.....suspiciously similar to one I saw on ebay! The red "roll" is paper cut from a Christmas napkin. Yes, you could find some thing, shrink it down in Word and print it to get a tiny design on your paper. Or you can dig out your Christmas napkins when you are decorating and use that tiny print. If you're looking for stock, check your dollar store too! 

Apply a thin smear of glue on your paper straw, wrap the paper around and glue the other edge down. I left a bit of space between the edge and the glue line so the exposed edge looks loose, more like realistic paper. 

You could cut some paper and make a label to add packaging, i.e. make a sealed up package of 2-3 rolls of paper. Then wrap it in clear cling. Meh. I'm too lazy. 

The red and white stripped gift bag is just wrapping paper. I used the template from the Warm Wished bag from my Jean Day kit.

The rolls of ribbon/twine are simple. I found some tiny beads aka pony beads. Then I made thin strips of ribbon from what I had in my Christmas wrap stash.  I fed the ribbon through the bead and left an exposed end.

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