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And A Little Bit Of Everything Mini!

I have been shuffling between life and minis.  Not too many major accomplishments of recent, but I've been puttering!!

I entered the above photo in the Janet Granger stitching contest.  You needed a minimum of 4 of her kits in a picture....which I more then have in my stash!  I didn't win, but I quite enjoy this picture.

I decided to continue to tackle the backlog of kits in my basement.  After the Brampton show, and seeing the number of "extra" things people were selling, I didn't want to become a hoarder and need to sell in 10 years.  So I started the pile!!

I assembled the Realife Miniatures music room kit.  See those happy people on the box? They must be on some serious recreational drugs.  I swore, had a hissy fit and almost threw some of the items across the room.  Could they have made the parts fit anymore poorly together? Nope.  The "sand to fit" concept resulted in me cutting off (with my Dremel), part of the sofas rolled arms.  There was easily 5cm extra of solid wood (not balsa).  No sanding would fix that.

Then, they suggested that the sheet music rest on the piano (the black part), should fit into the rectangle below it so it could lay flat.  Huh? Huh???  

And then I discovered this box actually contained almost enough parts for a second piano and a third set of one off piano parts.  That made things even more confusing!  But thankfully the kit was painted in DecoArt black paint, which I had, so fixing the parts was relatively easy once I muddled through building what was missing.

Then I moved on to some very fun and very affordable laser cut wood kits made by Liz West of Taffy & Me.  She just relaunched her website, so check it out!  The wall mirror kit I made could also become a divider with additional kits, or instead of a mirror you could add photos.  The end tables and the coffee tables are very sturdy.  I might get the matching sofa table when I order again.

Then I was at Dollarama last week and found miniature furniture!! I would say its more 1:16 in scale.  The two long dressers became mine, and the others became Miss Kitty's.  She was in heaven.

I sanded my two dressers down.  I used a burnt umber with staining medium to stain the exterior, then painted the (faux) drawers black.  It better hides the fact they don't open.  I used 1/4 round styrene painted copper for handles. 

Back to kits I went!  I dug out some kitchen printies from Paper Minis.  It was slightly more involved then usual, hence why they were put in the "gonna get to it one day" box.  But I'm in love!

The Shopping Sherpa had her hand in these too.  She had sent me the I love minis mug and the blue cutting board.  Yes, its a plastic cutting board!!!! I love it.  The toaster and expresso maker are Mini Fanaberia that I bought from Small Scale Showcase.

And I will post the ongoing saga of my mid century Ikea dollhouse hack turned roombox.  I've put it aside with all the Christmas stuff that needed attending too.  I'm almost done with windows.  Note to self, while styrene is cheap and awesome to hold in window "glass", it takes a lot of paint to get a solid coat of dark brown.  Not doing that again!! I'm excited to tackle the roombox kitchen next.  Much more enjoyable.