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Brampton Show Extraveganza

So I said I might attend the Brampton Miniatures Bazaar. Well, I did!  I missed out last year due to my husband travelling and not having babysitting that day. Bringing a small child to these things is not good for ones mental health.

The show consists of miniaturists selling their used, but often new, items in their stash. I came with a wad of cash, fully caffeinated, bladder empty and my head in the game. It was go time.

Like a kid in a candy store. The prices were rock bottom. The items were first rate. Most items were priced lower then tagged (and the tagged prices were more then reasonable). I'm pretty sure I had a look of awe and crazy as I walked through. It was busy, and getting to hunt through bins was tough. But, most of the items I'm after aren't popular. 

 I was really pleased to snag an older Kim Stewart Vintage Miniatures kit, the deck chair.  Truthfully, I had passed her kits before, but they had appeared very "simple."  They are not simple! In fact, they are extremely well designed and crafted.  Kim is an IGMA artisan in wicker, which I learned after the fact.  I will get more of her kits at the Guelph show in the spring.

I intended to grab a few lighting items from a box, but ended up with the box and all its contents. I found out it was the box that was $20. Which was less then the marked items I was holding (and was told I had to buy the box). I now have a lifetime worth of lights, bulbs and wire!

Miniaturist Diane Mitchell was selling some of her vintage handmade pieces. I spotted this over someone's shoulders as I was leaving. Full stop. Went back and grabbed the rattan pieces (made in 1981). There were more but I exercised restraint. Now I regret it.  Should have fought through the crowd at that table first!  If anyone knows more about Diane, please let me know!

One miniaturist was selling many interesting pieces for just a few dollars each, such as a metal bed kit, a Realife Miniatures Music Room kit and a Queen Anne dining table kit made by Harold Watson (for the Annual Jacobstettle Workshop - March 31, 1989 - seller said he had passed away). And I love the little roast by J & J Miniatures (Jane MacGregor of Winnipeg, MB).

A look at another table revealed something I recognized immediately, pieces from Maggie Melinda (by IGMA artisan Janet Harvie). Normally her sofa are quite expensive, but a collector was selling her pieces for over 80% off. I found a beautiful neutral sofa that was just perfect.

After both shows were over, and my haul safely in my basement, the most fun I had was going through all the new items and tucking them safely away. It gets the wheels turning and reminds you of the interesting pieces you have tucked away.

But before I added all the small kits to my horde never to see the light of day for months to come, I started making a few.  I repaired the broken chair.  An easy fix, I just drilled out the broken leg dowel and inserted a new one!  The butterfly display box (kit designed by Sandra Quigley & Laurie Mecke) was a quick build while I watched The Walking Dead.