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This Is Not A Christmas Post!

While I despise all the early Christmas stuff out, it is kinda fun when you want to make minis out of ornaments!!  And you might be shocked I wrote two posts in one week, right? Well, I needed to keep away from the TV after watching "America, The Finale."  Minis make me feel better. 

I apologize for not taking pictures before I hacked the ornaments.  You will have to use your imagination.  The brass tables were all made from these medium size geometric shapes (prisms, diamonds, etc.).  Very of the moment in design.  Not my thing for Christmas, but I saw the potential for minis.  

I used my metal wire snips and cut them down.  Bent some wires here and there and added plastic sheets for table tops.  And I just couldn't post pictures of I had to style them!

Side note - photographing in dull fall light is terrible! and all that reflective plastic, ugh.  My apologies for the picture quality.

Then.....I saw a clearance tag.  That's like a beacon for me.  Three little metal birdcages were left there...begging me to take them home.  At $1.50 each, I saw hell yeah!!

I snipped off the curved top to the bird cages to make a square table and flipped them over.  You can see the cages opening on the back side if you look closely.  Meh.

I took two of the tops and bent them into egg like table objects (see above picture with the coffee table).  I took the last top and made a bowl.  I even used the off snips of coffee table metal to make triagular table objects.

Christmas might be my new favourite season...for minis!!