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Giving In To Christmas

I have started my Christmas mini making.  Since this is my first mini Christmas, I have had to make a few purchases and start making my own items.  Unlike Halloween, I am starting with more then a 2 week runway.  Side note, I finished my Halloween projects last week, so I'm ready for next year!

This 1:12 scale gingerbread house came as a wood laser cut kit from MiniEtchers.  I didn't place the candy canes as suggested and I used less of the pieces for the chimney then provided.

Having a distinct aversion to putting my toe into the polymer clay pond (there just isn't enough hours in my day), I had no clue what to decorate the kit with.  It came with the candy canes, gingerbread people and tree.  BUT, the mini heavens parted this weekend and I visited The Little Dollhouse Company on Saturday and they had the solution.  They had clay canes for making all sorts candy, but also my solution for gingerbread house decor!

Also, being clueless on what to make icing from, I stared at my giant pile of crafting and household items around my workbench and decided on gesso mixed with plaster powder (i.e. the stuff you patch your walls with).  It worked really well and looks like icing. 

I've been sewing little stockings and other various Christmas items along with photographing my last Christmas gift project and working on the room box.  The floors will go down this week!  I have blisters on my fingers from cutting floor boards.