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The Half Scale Saga Pt. 5 - The Bedroom

The bedroom makes me happy. It reminds me of my attic bedroom back in my university rental days. I'm a sucker for a sloped roof in a bedroom. Might have something to do with the sloped roof in my master bedroom now....

Like the other walls, this was painted and papered then lacquered.  Pretty durable!

The Furniture

The bedside table kit is from Melissa's Miniwereld and the mirror kit is from MiniEtchers. The mirror came with a large piece of mirror, so I trimmed it and used the excess for the mirror squares above the dresser.

The bed platform is made from wood dowels with false drawer fronts applied. I glued the bedding in place for the sanity of the parents responsible for this house. How often do I hear "mama fix please". I don't want to contribute to that for others. I'm not that mean!

The tall dresser is a solid block with false fronts. The handles are pins I drilled into the wood. The short bookcase also has a false drawer

The storage chest is made from a wood dowel cut in half (the top) and a square dowel for the base. I used those cheap brass drawer pulls you readily find on 1:12 furniture for the handles and modified 2 for the "lock".

The chair is a really basic design I glued the *#%# out of.  I then wrapped some fabric around it. The legs are beads secured with flat head pins and glue. The pillow was.....a pain. I used the sewing machine. A pain in my #*%. Should have hand sewed it. I gave up on trying to tease the corners out (despite using all the corner "tricks" out there) and have come to the conclusion that 1:24 scale pillows should be done by hand. Period. But for the next 1:12 scale pillows I do I will use Amber's amazing tutorial (hugs).

The Accessories

The clock is a repeat from Miss Kitty's dollhouse. Never to much of a good thing. I used some beads and paper to make the lamp and shade. I was fortunate that the shade touches the wall, giving me another place where I can glue it!  The purse on the wall is a wee pieces of scrap wood wrapped in paper. All the other bits and bobs were kicking around in my craft pile.  It also features my original art work....sorry, not going to be worth anything...ever.

....And If You Were A Kid.....

This is hopefully how you would use the room with your dolls (which I included).  A mini Lalaloopsy (right) and miniature Mooshka doll (left).

I'm still working away on my final large Christmas gift project....95% done! And I decided to finish a Halloween kit that didn't get done. If I left it for next wouldn't get done. Can we pause time so I can catch up and start Christmas stuff?  I started a gingerbread house kit too.  

All said, its been really hard to focus since Sunday nights have been devoted to The Walking Dead and the husband and I have started binge watching the first seasons.  I have seen most of them, but he hasn't.  Not like its punishment to watch Rick kill Walkers.