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The Half Scale Saga Pt. 6 - The Kitchen

The kitchen was by far the easiest room.  Therefore, the kitchen was my favourite build.  Who doesn't like an easy room?!

I was fortunate to have the forethought long before I was ready to work on the interior and order my kitchen cabinets. Yes, I could have easily made them, but I got an amazing price on ebay for the 1:25 kitchen, complete with sink and cooktop. I think it was $11-ish (auction price), but even regular price it's not very expensive.

I painted the drab grey plastic with Testors white gloss paint.  The counter was already black, so I left it. The only item I had to add was a faucet. I didn't add handles.....not sure why I it's now a Delta No Touch faucet. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

The microwave and fridge are 1:24 scale and each came as a wood laser cut kit from MiniEtchers. Easy to put together in theory, but I struggled trying to figure out what went where for the fridge. So much so I said %#*% it and used part of the kit and some of my own wood. Problem solved!  Not sure how the door handles are going to fair though.  Ooops.

The clock is made from a wood circle and earring posts. I nipped off the tiny ring that hung from each ball (for drop earrings). It was easier then having to run out and buy round head pins.

The trash can was a ribbed glue stick lid I painted in Testors flat aluminum. I added some paper for the lid and foot pedal.

The shelves and the table were bits of scrap wood. Aesthetically, I would have preferred cute delicate brackets or used turned table legs. But, the less delicate alternative better withstood me pressing down hard on my non-scientific toddler proofing test!

The the obligatory scale shot with a penny!

I'm still trucking along with my Christmas items and my room box.  I just finished the final coat of urethane on the floors and added the additional wood trim to the exterior.  Now I just need....baseboards (paint/cut/install), trim/stain the raw edges, house numbers, front light, touch up paint, moss bits on the roof....and then it will be Christmas! 

I just started snowing today, about 30 minutes after I finished the last of the outdoor tidying and putting my birch log reindeer in the garden.  Maybe nature didn't want to anger me by snowing on me will I worked.